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Highly-Skilled Professional Decorators

99% Dust Free Sanding


The latest sanding equipment extracts 99% of the dust created, keeping the area we are working in clean and stopping it leaking into the rest of your home.

Domestic & Commercial Spray Painting


Using a paint application professional not only speeds up the process of decorating your home, it also leaves a far higher quality, smoother finish than more traditional methods.

Painting & decorating Northants

Brush & Roller

There are occasions where modern techniques just won't work and in these cases Rainbow Frost draw on over 15 years experience in painting and decorating homes around the country.

domestic painting & decorating in northampton

The decor of your home tells a thousand tales and if presentation is important to you a professional painting & decorating service will reduce your stress levels and keep the quality of the finished project high.

Rainbow Frost bring all the recent technological advancements into our home decorating packages. By using cutting edge equipment to prepare your surfaces and the very latest spraying capabilities, we are able to bring you a decorating service that is faster than traditional brush and roller techniques and leaves a higher quality finish.

Return from your holiday to a brand new look

Working on our customers homes while they are on holiday is an obvious way to make sure that there is minimum fuss and impact in decorating your home. We often work in this way and so have developed a systematic approach to make sure everything is in place prior to your departure.

This tried and tested process ensures that absolutely everything is covered in advance of your departure from pets, to alarms and keys to emergency contact numbers, you can rest assured that we are looking after your home and taking care of everything in your absence.

Professional Painting & Decorating Service in Northampton
All surfaces are protected during a painting and decorating project

Protect your furniture, equipment & carpets

Before any actual work commences we make sure the room is ready for us to begin. This includes using a range of products to help protect your valuables from thick polythene rolls and heavy weave cotton sheets, to corrugated plastic, impermeable rubber backed cloth sheeting and sticky backed plastic rolls; it’s vital that none of our products spill or leak through to your valuable possessions.

We even remove all door and window furniture instead of taking short cuts and just painting around them; quality and attention to detail really is at the heart of everything we do.

Modern Techniques in Preparing your Property

It’s an old saying, but it still stands true today, but it’s all in the preparation. 99% of the dust created during sanding and preparing surfaces ready to apply paints can be extracted at source. This means we create far less dust than the more traditional approaches may do; taking that dust away at source is particularly useful for families with small children, pets or those suffering from allergies and breathing difficulties.

If nothing else, it means that you don’t have to vacuum every room in the house after we have only sanded one.

Kitchen professionally decorated by Rainbow Frost

Applying Paint with Spray Equipment

Using spray guns instead of brushes and rollers also means that the service is delivered more quickly than traditional techniques but it also means that we create less mess. Unbelievably, when performed correctly, spraying causes less splash-back and drips than using a brush or roller because the paint is always under our control. That’s what an Elite Accredited spray company like Rainbow Frost can bring to your home.

Admittedly, preparing surfaces in your home for spraying does take a little longer than previously as the quality of the finish needs to be a higher grade for spray painting to take effect. That said though, this only serves to give you a far more superior finish when the job is complete.

Creative Input

While Rainbow Frost in no way consider ourselves Interior Designers, having been involved in thousands of projects over the years, our operatives know a thing or two about where colour works, and where it doesn’t.

If we don’t agree with an idea you put forward, for whatever reason, it is our job to challenge you on that and share our experience with you. You are the customer though, so while we may raise questions when we feel there is a better solution, the final decision lays with you and of course our team will follow your final instructions to the letter.

Rainbow Frost Creative Input- Not JUST Painters & Decorators
Eco Friendly Paints Avaialble from Rainbow Frost in Northampton

Waterborne & Eco Friendly Paints

With the introduction of waterborne paints, overpowering odours are a thing of the past, the smell is less intrusive and fades much faster than it used to but they are also dry much more quickly than older paint types.

Using waterborne paints causes far less disruption to a busy household; typically speaking a family kitchen can be painted in the morning and the paint will be dry to make the room ready to prepare food by the time the kids return from school.

Quality Assurance with EVERY Job

Quality is absolutely key for finishing a project, we always go that extra step. Over the years we have created a series of daily and project completion checklists to make sure that your property is returned in a clean and tidy fashion.

Quality Assured production at Rainbow Frost, Northants

Best quality in less time...

  • We create less dust
  • We complete work much faster
  • Higher quality preparation gives a superior finish
  • Splatter free guarantee
  • Brush mark free guarantee
  • Customer service desk manned 8:30am to 8:00pm so you can always talk to a human being

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