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Transform your furniture & objects

99% Dust Free Sanding


The latest sanding equipment extracts 99% of the dust created, keeping the area we are working in clean and stopping it leaking into the rest of your property.

Domestic & Commercial Spray Painting


Using a paint application professional not only speeds up the process of decorating your home, it also leaves a far higher quality, smoother finish than more traditional methods.

Painting & decorating Northants

Brush & Roller

There are occasions where modern techniques just won't work and in these cases Rainbow Frost draw on over 15 years experience in painting and decorating homes around the country.

Quality furniture and object refinishing service by Rainbow Frost, Northants

Paint Application & Refinishing Workshop in Northampton

Rainbow Frost are professional paint spray specialists, taking wooden and MDF objects and spraying them in a range of specialist paints and finishes. Refinish your furniture to match your colour scheme, and give old and tatty objects a new lease of life.

From purple pianos to white office desks, personalised toy boxes to branded boardroom tables and exhibition podiums, give your furniture a makeover with new colour and finishes in the Rainbow Frost Refinishing Workshop.

We work with a range of materials and specialist paints to spray any object you desire, applying new, hard wearing colours and a protective layer to keep them looking fantastic for years to come.

Match Colours to Your Requirements

If you’ve recently moved home or redecorated a room and a piece of furniture doesn’t fit with the new decor, Rainbow Frost will refinish it to a new standard, or we can just have a bit of fun with some sparkle and glitter.

Commercially, we can cater for logos and specific designs, matching to your personal colour scheme or brand identity; even to the point of inlaying your logo within a clear coat on to a tabletop for instance. Using masking techniques developed over years we can create quite complex designs and totally transform your objects.

We’ve even worked on a joint project to guild three, two foot diameter metal spheres using 24 carat gold leaf that are now proudly sitting on the entrance to the privy gardens at Hampton Court Palace. Additionally metallic finishes can be applied to your wood to give it a brushed satin or even a high polished mirror finish.

Gold Leaf applied to the podium spheres at Hampton Court Palace

Standalone Projects or Short Production Runs

With specialist training in the application of paints to a range of materials, we can cater for standalone projects to short, regular production runs of bespoke items; individual commissions are always welcome.

With various colours, finishes and coatings available to choose from, Rainbow Frost will carefully prepare your item with close attention to detail. The application process then begins in our purpose made workshop packed full of professional preparation and spray equipment.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

An important part of the Rainbow Frost decorating packages include both a daily and project completion quality assurance checklist which means that if your property needs to be in use while we are absent, it will be left to an acceptable standard for you.

Equally, once a project is completed our checklist makes sure that no stone is left unturned and your premises are handed over as you would expect, clean, tidy and with the only indication we have been there being the stunning job completed on transforming your room.

Quality Assured production at Rainbow Frost, Northants

Key Benefits

  • Quality preparation gives a higher standard of finish
  • Fast turnaround for last minute requirements
  • Colour matching service for specific schemes or corporate identities
  • Bespoke projects and individual commissions welcome
  • Regular short run production slots available

Even if all you’ve got is the seed of an idea that you’d like created, give Ian (our top dog, creative genius) a call today to find out more about our professional refinishing workshop on:

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